Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break Road Trip {Part Three: Disney Hilton Head Island Resort}

The morning of Thursday, April 3rd rolled around and we bid Savannah farewell as we headed out to the highly anticipated Disney Hilton Head Island Resort. I can not stress enough how fantastic this place is! I've heard it best described as an upscale summer camp and that is exactly how it felt. The kids were entertained by the fun hearted lifeguards allowing parents the rare chance to actually lounge on the pool deck. If you are in search of a family-centered vacation spot where the pace is slower and the amenities up to par, look no further.

Upon arrival our room wasn't ready yet, so we made a quick jaunt to the facilities and changed into our swimsuits and hit up the water slide. Belle, Peanut & Hubby all participated in a water slide contest while I parked myself in the sun and finished up book #3 of the 4 I read over vacation. 

Once our room was ready we headed in to shower and get ready for the low country boil we were attending that evening at the Beach House. 

I had read mixed reviews on the LCB, but we were happy to find it a great way to spend the evening. The buffet included everything from a traditional low country boil (shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob & sausage) to mac'n cheese, chicken tenders, pork loin & Caesar salad.

Belle & Peanut enjoyed the evening's activities that included Mickey fishing, face painting, a cake walk, performing with old B'Lou & family trivia for which we won a prize with our answer, "Tree of Life" for the question, "Name an attraction at any of the Disney parks."

After the LBC we hung around the beach house and enjoyed the amenities by "playing" some ping pong & pool. Peanut & I also spent a little time looking over the marine time memorabilia displayed in the lounge.

 As the sun was beginning to fade into the horizon we headed out for a stroll along the beach before returning to our room. Peanut and I weren't running at full speed so we headed to bed while Belle & Hubby set out to explore the resort. They were happy to report the spent their evening watching dolphins off the pier and enjoying a movie in the outdoor movie theatre....that's what I call quality daddy-daughter time.

The following morning we dined on Mickey waffles and breakfast sandwiches before enjoying another day filled with the pool. We took a small break to tie dye Mickey t-shirts as a fun keepsake from our trip. But the true highlight of Friday was the evening bonfire. Belle & Peanut still recite the silly songs and delightful dances they learned from Tim & Katherine.

After a belly full of s'mores, it was back to the pool to swim until the 10pm closing whistle. It goes without saying, Belle & Peanut slept like rocks.

On our final day at the resort, we started off at the pool bright and early. Hubby & I were able to convince the littles to venture away from the water slide and their new buddies long enough to enjoy some family game time. We played corn hole, shuffleboard and raced up and down the pier enjoying the fact the we had no where else to be and no one else to distract us. At this point, the exact purpose of this trip was fulfilled: time spent together just BEING together.

We wrapped up our afternoon by heading back to the pool. The friendly pool games resulted in Belle taking first place in an adapted form of musical chairs and Hubby showing off his skills in the hula hoop contest. Plenty of fun was had by all.

Sadly all good things come to an end. The littles bid farewell to their new buddies J& W who's mommy Amanda is the great gal behind Dixie Delights. It was a shame it took until our last day for these littles to all connect...they took quite a liking to each other. Sweet lil W even proclaimed, "See you next spring break." Maybe little never know. So with fond memories, we packed up and headed down the road to our final destination: Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Road Trip {Part Two: Tybee Island & Savannah}

After a restful night in Macon, we headed out bright and early to make our way to Tybee beach outside of Savannah. Belle & Peanut were chomping at the bit to get to the icy cold water and we figured it the perfect way to pass the time before checking into our hotel.

The water was freezing and our swimsuits were still in the car, but that didn't deter these two from frolicking in the waves and having a blast. Belle was thrilled to stumble upon a sand dollar and Peanut found one of his own not too much later. The ocean breeze and sunshine did us all quite a bit of good.

And speaking of good, our lunch at Tybee Island Social Club was one of the best meals we ate the entire trip. Hubby ordered the shrimp and grits and he is still raving about it. While he & I treated ourselves to "just one more bite" Belle and Peanut enjoyed quality sibling time. The exact kind of time together that Hubby & I hoped would come from the trip....building bonds and making memories.

As the sun began to sink and the breeze become a bit chillier, we returned to Savannah and checked into the Bohemian on River Street. The balcony over looking the river made for one very happy Peanut. At one point and time, he had drug a blanket and pillow out to watch the many cargo ships, tug boats and fishermen parade down the river.

After changing for dinner, we headed out to explore River Street and navigate our way to The Pirate House. We strolled down streets canopied by moss covered trees all while marveling at the rich history and beauty surrounding us.

After yet another fabulous Savannah meal we ended the night at River Street Sweets nibbling on a selection of sugary treats. The fresh air, surf and sun had done us in and we were thankful our hotel room was a short jaunt up the street.

On day two we succumbed to our tourist status and loaded the big blue Ogelthorpe tour bus for an entertaining and educational ride with our guide Pookey. The 90 minute tour went quickly and thankfully Belle & Peanut enjoyed the history lesson. 

Capitol building was constructed for $250,000; the same cost as the gold leaf on the dome.

The original fire bell. The number of rings would correspond to the number (1-26) town square where the fire was burning. 

This building was built to function as the first Ford dealership.

I want these shutters for my!
The tour was suppose to be non-stop, but our driver wanted to ensure that our trip to Savannah included a view inside the breathtaking St. John the Baptist Cathedral.

 After our tour we stopped off at the Paris Market for a frozen hot chocolate. Sadly I didn't get a chance to shop the numerous boutiques Savannah has to offer. Not to worry though, Hubby is already talking about an adult only trip back to Savannah sometime soon.

The remainder of our day was spent walking and exploring many of the city's squares. We did enjoy famous Leopold's ice cream and yours truly managed to finish an entire pitcher of Savannah Sangria (St. Germain, Pinot Grigio, w/ Fresh Citrus). We ended our second night with another visit at River Street Sweets to pick up some pralines for the babysitting grandparents back home.

One final shot in front of the pub next to our hotel. And with that we were back in the Suburban and off to Hilton Head Island for the 3rd leg of our trip.